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Quick start for seafarers

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Quick job search
  • Find the best vacancies using accurate and fast search
  • Apply for vacancies and receive offers from companies
  • Find out which company is interested in your resume instantly receiving messages about it
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Vacancies in your smartphone
  • Connect Viber, Telegram or Facebook messenger in 2 clicks
  • Turn on automatic selection of vacancies according to the specified criteria
  • Receive new, suitable vacancies directly to the chat at the moment of publication
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Seafarer 's resume
  • Complete a quick registration in 2 minutes
  • Fill in and publish your resume in 5 minutes using easy form
  • Get unlimited access to the database of vacancies for seafarers from trusted crewing companies
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It's easy to find a job at sea with CrewingCenter



  • create and publish an online resume
  • receive job offers
  • quickly find the best vacancies
  • send job applications
  • receive vacancies directly to the messenger
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  • post vacancies without restrictions
  • receive responses to the vacancies
  • quickly find the required seafarer
  • offer vacancies in one click
  • get response statistics
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Search for seafarers and vacancies publication.
Five free tools to increase productivity and efficiency.

Step 3
Seafarers search
  • Use detail search with the ability to save templates
  • Use the convenient "accordion" interface search for best results
  • Use free services - "Favorites", "Reminders" and "Responses"
  • Automate resume search in two clicks by setting your parameters
Step 2
Vacancy publication
  • Quickly fill in information about vacancies using an easily form
  • Get responses from sailors
  • Find out the statistics of viewing vacancies
  • We will engage seafarers from our social and advertising network
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Create an account
  • Complete a quick registration in couple minutes
  • Confirm the e-mail address from the letter received by mail
  • Place information about the company on the site
  • Find out how to get a package of premium services absolutely free
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Smart notifications

Get all the important information directly on your smartphone.
Viber, Telegram, Facebook messenger

Vacancies subscription

Set criteria and receive relevant vacancies with detailed information at the time of their publication

Resume Views

You will receive a message with the name and contacts of the company at the time of viewing your resume

Company offers

Find out instantly the details of the vacancy offered to you and the company that offered it

Changes to favorites

Add a company to your favorites and receive notifications about its new vacancies immediately after publication

Validity period of documents

Receive reminders when your documents are about to expire


Create reminders/comments for the vacancies/companies you are interested in and receive a message in specified date

All you need is three simple steps and the messenger is connected to the platform

Connect your account to the messenger
Enter Crewing Center account
Choose messenger
(Viber, Telegram, Facebook)
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Platform Features

Find a job / the right seafarer
faster and effortlessly

Smart notifications

Connect the messenger (Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger) and get vacancies from companies, statistics views and other important notifications directly to your smartphone (only for seafarers)


This function is for instant interaction between the seafarer and the company.
Now just one click is enough to apply for vacancies or offer a vacancy to a seafarer


Add interesting companies, vacancies or resumes to your favorites for further interaction.
Be informed about all changes in favorites, receiving an instant notification

Saved queries

Save your search query as a template and use it for one-click search. Use unlimited amount of templates

Search agent

Activate automatic search for a saved query and instantly get notifications when relevant matching vacancies/resumes are published. Set detailed criteria and the system will automatically track only suitable vacancies / resumes, regularly informing you about the results


Reminders will help you not to forget or miss an important event. Create reminders in two clicks, write comments, set the date and the system will send you a notification automatically

Why do people choose CrewingCenter

Fast and accurate search with flexible filters. You always find exactly what you are looking for, spending minimum of time and effort.


Save your own time by setting up search templates and creating reminders of important actions.

Smart Chips

Free and premium services are designed to get the most out of working with the platform.


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Partner companies

Trusted partner companies
with many years of experience in the industry


Exclusive Partners

Trade Union of Maritime Transport Workers of Ukraine
Unites 47,000 Ukrainian seafarers working on ships of foreign shipowners
The main objectives of the MTWTU are to monitor compliance with labor laws by the employer, ensuring decent conditions and wages, as well as creating jobs for Ukrainian seafarers, attracting new employers to the Ukrainian market and investing in maritime education.
In addition, the Union provides seafarers with access to a wide range of social projects, which include raising the level of professional and non-specialized, but, nevertheless, essential skills for career advancement.
Seafarers Journal
First Maritime Information Portal
Seafarers Journal is an information portal about seafarers and for seafarers, their relatives and everyone who find maritime themes and everyday life of seafarers are interesting. Seafarers Journal always has fresh and relevant news about the latest developments in the maritime industry, about incidents in water transport, as well as about problems faced by seafarers in the course of their work.
International Maritime Forum
The only international maritime forum bringing together more than 40,000 seafarers around the world
The International Maritime Forum is an information resource created by maritime niche professionals for seafarers from all over the world and their families. For more than a year the seafarers receive useful information in different resources (Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Telegram and others. The most popular and hot topics: employment of seafarers, departure to the start, change of position or fleet, deadweight increase, information about crewing companies and shipowners, paperwork, assistance in resolving conflicts and disputes, maritime humor and poetry. Participants regularly ask individual questions and promptly receive detailed answers.

Seafarers and crewing companies feedback

Очень полезный и хороший ресурс! Служба поддержки выходит на связь и решает вопросы очень быстро. Развития и процветания!

2nd Officer

Thank you very good site, simple and convenient, and enough information about vacancies.

2nd Engineer

Спасибо вам большое, что даёте возможность морякам, найти работу. Быстро качественно и совершенно бесплатно. Очень будем надеяться на ваше процветание! Всего вам доброго.

3rd Engineer

All good

Chief Officer

Dmitry, thanks a lot for Your details explanation about working on Your good Site!


Доступный и эффективный портал для поиска моряков, будет полезным для каждого крю-менеджера! Всё продумано до мелочей и деталей. Рекомендую!:)


I would like to say thank you to team of Crewingcenter for excellent service. New ideas and opportunities to obtain new employment for each seafarer.

Chief Officer

Thanks for your gift!!! It’s very easy to find some vacancy!

Chief Officer

Отличный и удобный сайт. Тех.поддержка на высоте! Приятно работать. Рекомендую!